Saturday, 2 July 2011

Hack Your System - Change Windows Visuals

Change Your Windows Visuals.......

Hacking your system means to hack some certain files to make your system very cool and attractive. These tricks can be done very easily. Most of people wants to make their laptops and computers look good and spend a lot of money on them, but inside the system look same as other. So hacking means don't spend money on whatever you are doing. I am gonna quickly teach you to change the computer Visuals by using a Simple tool. 

1) Changing the Welcome Screen "Welcome" text: - Here am gonna teach you how to edit the "Welcome" text in welcome screen. so whenever you turn on you system it will show whatever message you want it to show.

(a) Download a Tool Resource Hacker
(b) Click on file and Open (CTRL+O), change Look In to System32 and then search for Logonui.exe file, open it
(c) Double click on String Table, now double clik on and click on 1033
(d) Look at 7th line and change whatever you want to write inspace of "Welcome"
(e) Now compile Script and Save as anything.exe (like - Logonui2.exe) in the same folder.
(f) Now Click on Start -> Run -> regedit.exe -> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software -> Microsoft -> Windows NT -> CurrentVersion -> Winlogon
(g) Now just find the file UIHOST and double click on it, change the file name and press OK.
(h) Restart your system and see!!!!!!!

NOTE: - To change the Text to "Welcome"change name from registry editor to logoui.exe

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Introduction To Ethical Hacking

Hi guys!!
               Ethical hacking is the process of entering into a hacker's mindset in order to spot system vulnerabilities by performing typical hacks in a controlled environment. Hacking For Dummies helps security professionals understand how malicious users think and work, enabling administrators to defend their systems against attacks and to identify security vulnerabilities.